Dear friends, fans and haters after 8 years of rocking our socks off we decided that it's time for us to take a break. We all have families now and two of us moved to other cities while our bassplayer Ben is still rocking berlin with our beloved friends of Shaun. We toured the netherlands, austria, poland and czechia and had lots of shows in germany. We shared the stage with Puddle of Mudd, Mantar, Nervosa, Inter Arma, Sunnata, Gorilla Monsoon and many more. We say THANK YOU! to all bands, promoters, bookers, artworkers, actors and of course to all people who came to our shows and supported us on our way. It was a great time for us and you made it possible. WE LOVE YOU ALL! VAyL goes into hibernation... maybe for a while or maybe forever, no one knows. GO WITH THE GOAT!